Christine Schonewald, PhD

- Christine Green -

Professional History
Academic Background

1972 - 1977   Ph.D. and MS: University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
       Biology: animal behavior, Mammalogy, ecology

  • Graduate fellow US National Zoological Park/Smithsonian Institution
  • Dissertation Courtship Behavior in Myoprocta pratti (the acouchi, a caviomorph rodent)

1972  BA  Zoology University of California, Davis, CA.

  • Present: Retired/Self-employed
  • Prior:
    • 22years: US Department of the Interior, National Park Service, US Biological Survey, US Geological Survey
    • Assistant Professor George Mason University, VA
    • Contract, National Institutes of Health, Interagency Primate Steering Committee
    • Lecturer Northern Virginia Community College
    • Subcontract, Federal Marine Mammal Commission, Washington, D.C.

Past Honorary Professional Positions
  • Adjunct Faculty, Institute of Ecology; Faculty member of the Ecology Graduate Group, Geography Graduate Group, and the Division of Policy and Environmental Sciences, University of California, Davis, California
  • MAB Scientific Advisory Committee, Golden Gate Biosphere Reserve (1990's)
  • Editor for North, Central and South America (international journal) Biological Conservation, Elsevier Press, Ltd. UK
  • Adjunct faculty, Montana State University, Bozeman MTM
  • Member, Program on Protected Areas, The World Conservation Union (IUCN); Member, Committee on Biodiversity
  • National Research Council, Commission on Life Science, Washington, D.C.
  • President, George Wright Society
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board: Department of Environmental Horticulture, University of California, Davis, CA
  • Scientific Advisor, California Wilderness Coalition
  • Editorial board, Ecological Abstracts, Elsevier, Ltd. UK
  • MAB Active with the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program, Washington, D.C. (1980's)


Academic Association for the Advancement of Science * Boone & Crocket Club * Canadian National and Provincial Parks * Conservation Biology Society * De Soto National Wildlife Refuge, Iowa * Federal World Bank * Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India * International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) * Smithsonian Museum of Natural History * South Korean Biological Diversity Council, Seòul, Korea * States: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas * US Agency for International Development, Washington, D.C. * US Congressional Information Service * US Department of the Interior, including the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management * US National Institutes of Health, Interagency Primate Steering Committee* US and international offices of the International Man and the Biosphere Program, UNESCO * US Environmental Protection Agency * US National Emergency Response Team (Ixtoc Oil Spill) * US National Forest Service * World Resources Institute

Invited Lectures
Academic Association for the Advancement of Science * Academy of Science and Literature, Mainz, Federal Democratic Republic of Germany * Bureau of Land Management, Tucson, AZ * California State University, San Francisco CA * Convent of the Sacred Heart High School * Glacier National Park * Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco CA * IAI AMIGO, NSF-funded Chile workshop * MAB: Central Coastal Biosphere Reserve, SF, CA * Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District and the Rivers and Trails Conservation Assistance Program of the National Park Service, Sacramento, CA * Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana * Natural Areas Association A; Rochester, NY * Parks Canada, Ontario, Canada * Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences * Rutgers University, Princeton, New Jersey * San Francisco CA * San Jose State University, San Jose CA * Sierra Club, Sacramento, CA * Society of American Foresters Wilderness Working Group, Sacramento, CA * South Korea Biodiversity Council, Sòul, Korea * U.S. Department of Agriculture/USDI/NGO Conference, Portland, OR * U.S. Forest Service, Corvallis, Oregon * U.S. National Park Service Denver Service Center, Denver, Colorado * U.S. National Park Service, Harper's Ferry Training Center, W. Virginia * U.S. National Park Service, Regional Task force on Interpretation of Biodiversity * U.S. National Park Service, Washington, D.C. * U.S. National Park Women's Organization, National Park Service, Washington, D.C. * U.S./U.S.S.R. cooperative research, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Gatlinburg, Tennessee * University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada * University of California Extension Service for Resources Management Training Davis, CA * University of California, Berkeley CA * University of California, Davis CA, Law School, School of Veterinary Medicine, Environmental Studies and Institute of Ecology * University of Florida, Gainesville FL * University of Washington * Wildlife Society, Pennsylvania

  • Highlights
    • First information-transfer and training conference on application of genetics and demography to wildlife, vegetation and captive population management
    • Began on site training for vegetation restoration for resource managers in the US National Park Service
    • Represented the Assistant Secretary of the Interior on assignment, during IXTOC II oil spill. During that time also worked with the Response Team producing the first National Oil Spill Ecological Recovery Plan
    • Developed the managerial/training program for the curation of the US National Park Service's natural history collections
    • Changed US Federal Code section (1980's - restricting collection of biological specimens in National Parks to research and resources management projects, requiring official park permits for the collection in US National Parks, and requiring that preserved research specimens collected in parks be deposited in professionally curated natural history collections)
    • Compiled first detailed report on international marine mammal catch statistics (Federal Marine Mammal Commission)